Yo6 Computing

After spending several years in senior management, Steve Baker established Yo6 Computing in March of 1998. The company came about purely because of Steve’s love for creating administration systems, in addition to his passion for computer programming. Not to mention the fact that it was nigh on impossible to get the software that he needed to run the companies he had worked for off the shelf. And trying to relate specifications to a computer geek in a manner they could understand to enable them to be able to go away and develop a bespoke package was…well, interesting to say the least.

Since its establishment, Yo6 Computing have written bespoke database software for a whole host of companies ranging from small “one-man-bands” all the way up to major UK nationals.

Our philosophy has always been to give people the software that they so desperately need to run their businesses in these highly competitive times, at down-to-earth prices.

If you feel that you’ve reached the end of your tether with your current system and would like to re-introduce some sanity into the running of your business. Why not give us a call, during office hours, for an informal chat about how we may be able to help you.


Email: steve@yo6.co.uk
Call: 0845 644 1440